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Allowing unlimited displays of messages to your liking, our dynamic and high-resolution displays catch the eye of users, inform them and entertain them. Affordable and suitable for waiting rooms, shops and restaurants, this technological equipment is the perfect choice to improve your image.

Company specialized in digital display - MC Media Group

Digital display

Showcasing quality images and allowing scenes to flow smoothly, our digital displays are a great option for all your renderings. Whether it is for your advertising purposes, or simply to highlight information, we will offer digital signage that will suit you perfectly.


Are you looking to highlight something and catch the eye of everyone? Ideal for focusing on a visual element, creating a special ambience or simply adding a touch of fantasy to a specific place, lighting is a particularly popular choice. We will find the right lighting for your needs and we can offer you options that will enhance the finesse of the place to illuminate.

Company specialized in lighting - MC Media Group

Company specialized in sound and audio systems - MC Media Group

Sound and audio systems

A good sound system completely changes the experience of an audience and increases the clarity of sounds drastically. In order to offer you these advantages, we offer you our experience with sound systems and audio equipment in order to ensure you have an adapted technology, which allows you to organize conferences or congresses with a sound of the best possible quality.

Audio and video solutions for your productivity

Technology has become ubiquitous in today’s society. MC Media Group helps you stay connected with other companies and offers you superior multimedia technology while offering affordable solutions.

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MC Media Group offers integrated, easy-to-use solutions. Regardless of the size of your project, we will be at your side to put everything in place for you, as well as to provide you with all the information you need to use your technologies optimally.

Ready-to-use services

Our services are ready-to-use, meaning that no knowledge of multimedia technology installation is required. We make sure your media is set up and ready for use according to your needs right after it’s installation.

Vidéo Wall

  • Menu Board : Ideal for displaying menus, we offer menu boards of different sizes.
  • Display screens : We have several models of display screens at your disposal.
  • LED Panels : We offer LED panels of different sizes, both for indoors and outdoors. These panels represent the future in digital display.


You have questions or you have a personalized project to undertake? Regardless of the size of your project, we offer a consulting service that will allow us to answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge.


We are able to install media technologies for you. Since we have the necessary experience, we’ll be happy to install your equipment quickly and in the right way.

Technical support

Do you have questions about the use of the equipment you have installed? MC Media Group is available to answer your questions and explain how to use your products. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help!


Service contract

MC Media Group offers service contracts that facilitate the rental, maintenance and installation of equipment for you, all at competitive prices. Get in touch with us for your needs in multimedia technology support!

Plan design

We can also design plans to give you a better idea of ​​the outcome of your project. You will see the planning stage in a more visual way and you will be able to make sure that everything is convenient for you.

Modular conception (digital display) - MC Media Group

Modular conception

Hand drawn sketch (digital display) - MC Media Group

Hand drawn sketch

3D diagram (digital display) - MC Media Group

3D diagram

Lighting control with mobile tablet (digital display) - MC Media Group

Lighting Control / Sound / Digital Tablet Display

Digital display screen - MC Media Group
Digital display screen - MC Media Group

Video on demand 9 TV’s

Modular design on wheels

Video on demand 3 TV’s

Temporary LED panel

Digital Tablet Custom Control

Specialized Lighting

Video Screen on LED Panel

Enjoy an optimal return on your investment and observe better results in the assessment of your services. Benefit a dynamic display that will make your message stand out!

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